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On the wave

The two figures on the crest of waves symbolizing success. Dimensions: H 100 cm L 30 cm W 80 cm Weight: 25 kg


An image from the film Taras centaur Pasolini’s “Oedipus Rex” Dimensions: H 150 cm W 70 cm Waist size: 60 cm Weight: 40 kg

Dance Lines

With love to Alexander Brodsky. And his poems written in exile. Glass bottom molded by hand by the artist from New York. Dimensions: H 150 cm L 10 cm W 35 cm Weight: 7 kg

Tambourine life

Stretched on the profile of the egg skin works like a tambourine. Painting phosphorus, glows in the dark. Egg – a symbol of life, it is impossible to split leather. The first work of a series of singing sculpture. Dimensions: H 250 cm L 60 cm W 90 cm Weight: 150 kg

Nightingale the robber

Gold leaf on gesso Dimensions: H 50 cm W 50 cm Thickness: 5 cm Weight: 2 kg Year: 2007

Aries Dreams Of Flying

Swipe horns like wingspan. Thoughts about the flight, the eye on the back, two-way thing. With a dragon on the other Aries. Dimensions: H 140 L 270 cm W 13 cm Weight: 70 kg

Giraffe Playing Football

Just like a baseball catcher! Traps for time and energy. passion plastic sculpture. Dimensions: H 130 cm L 20 cm W 160 cm Weight: 17 kg


The memory of classic Italian cinema as part of a whole. Dimensions: H 40 cm L 240 cm Thickness: 80 cm Weight: 7 kg